Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hyborian HotT

I had a game of Hordes of the Things today set in the Hyborian Age.

 The Nemedians have crossed the border and are about to cross the Valkia.
 The Aquilonians deploy from their stronghold.
 The clash is imminent!.
 Almost all of the minis are Games Workshop.
 Blu-tacked onto to temporary 60x60mm bases.
 The Nemedian general (Tarascus ?)  is victorious.
 The Aquilonian general crossed the river in hot pursuit and returned to find his army defeated!.
 Hard fighting and quite heroic but beaten.
 The Nemedian magician (Xaltotun ?) did not contribute much to this victory, most of the pips being used to cross the river.
It's still there taunting me from the top of the wardrobe, see my last post.