Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Commands and Colors blocks used for Black Powder.

As I was driving home from work last night the ABS warning light came on. The brakes were ok and I made it home alright. This morning though, when I set off I found that I had a grinding noise and very little in the way of brakes. Luckily the roads were quiet and I made it to the mechanics safely. Well I couldn't get to work, what could I do...

I had this game set up since the weekend. I had planned to play it tomorrow (day off) but I'll make up the time then.
 The inspiration for this was the maps in Bruce Quarries classic book.

 I used my Commands and Colors blocks for the armies and used the lists from the Napoleonic scenario in the Black Powder Rule book.
 I used centimetres instead of inches for all ranges and movement.
 French marching columns.

 As always I forgot about the broken brigade rules until too late, ah well.
 The lying down artillery pieces signified limbered guns.

 At this point I decided that I should check brigade and army morale and marked the broken brigades with a red counter.
 Both armies were beat. I called it as a narrow French victory.

I will do this again probably on a 4x4 board rather than 2x4 with a bit more forethought, a proper scenario with objectives.

But as an experiment the little blocks work very well in my opinion. I could even use my ancients blocks for Hail Caesar.
What do you reckon?.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Dropzone Commander drops in!.

Since my birthday on Tuesday I've been painting up the Dropzone Commander Starter set that I was lucky enough to receive.

I had a try out today using the starter scenario from the set. Here are a few shots from the game.

 UCM, I painted these with a Soviet look as I found some of the photos in the rules reminiscent of Red Square parades.
 The UCM infantry.
 Scourge infantry.
 Scourge vehicles, I just copied the rule book scheme of purple and silver as I thought it looked best.
 Some action shots, I was rather reckless with the UCM dropships.
 A big scrap in one of the buildings.

 The Scourge evacuate an objective!.
And successfully steal another one to win the game.

Good game with simple rules but requiring tactical skill.

I'm going to have another game now...