Friday, 8 September 2017


It has been donkeys years since I had a game of Games Workshops Battle Fleet: Gothic so I thought I would give it a run out.

Here are some photos of the action.

 The rulebook. The game featured a Chaos force versus an Imperial force, both sides had a pair of cruisers and some escorts.
 My old painted chipboard boards are a bit scuffed but they still look ok to me.
 Chaos Infidel class escorts. Known as the Jaws of Death.
 A pair of Chaos cruisers head either side of the planet. The Rage of Khorne furthest away to the right and the Plaguebearer nearest.
 The Imperial cruisers. Righteous Fury nearest and the Imperious in the distance.
 The Imperial escorts head up the flank behind the asteroid field.
 Under fire!. The Imperious weathers the storm.
 The Plaguebearer sends fighters and bombers to attack the Righteous Fury.
 The Imperial Cobra squadron.
 Passing through the asteroids was a bit scary but they all made it through.
 To ambush the Chaos escort squadron.
 Away torpedoes!.
 Bombers attack the Chaos flagship but are driven off by flak.
 Two of the three Chaos escorts are destroyed by the torpedo attack.
 A close shave!. You have to be careful where you point torpedoes.
 Another one of the torpedoes that missed the escorts runs into the Plaguebearer  Chaos cruiser close to the planet. This lucky shot takes her last hit point and the cruiser becomes a blazing wreck circling the planet.
 The last Infidel escort harries the cruiser Imperious like a little terrier eventually inflicting enough damage to cripple the vessel.
 The wreck of the Nurgle infected Plaguebearer.
 The Rage of Khorne launches bombers against the Cobra squadron destroying one of them. I was tempted to retaliate but turned about to protect the cruiser Imperious. Do ones duty!.
 So they launched torpedoes at the enemy vessel.
 And blew it to smithereens!.
 At this point the Imperial cruisers were way out of position and they called off the action quite satisfied with the destruction of the Plaguebearer and the Infidel squadron known as the Jaws of Death.
The captain of the Rage of Death heads for home seething.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Lobositz in 6mm using Commands and Colors

I had a great game today using my modification to Commands and Colors Napoleonics to refight the Seven Years War battle of Lobositz.

 Here is a view of the set up, Austrians at the top and Prussians at the bottom.
 Austrian Croats occupy the Lobosch.
 Austrian Cuirassiers given to me by Richard.
 Much of the Austrian army is behind the Morellenbach.
 The Morellenbach I counted as a fordable river.
 Beverns infantry are tasked with taking the Lobosch.
 The Prussian centre.
 A couple of Richards Russian Generals lead the Prussian cavalry as I was short of Prussian ones.
 Frederick the Great and Field Marshall Keith survey the battlefield.
 A closer view.
 A view down the Prussian line.
 And a view down the Austrian line.
 A Prussian cavalry charge as the Austrians attempt to cross the Morellenbach.
 Hard fighting on the Lobosch.
 Last card of the game!. Played by the Prussians.
 They take the Lobosch.
 And push the Austrians into the Elbe to win the battle.
 The Austrians never really got across the Morellenbach.
And the Austrian centre was very depleted with Von Browne and Count Lacy dead.

A cracking game, for my references I used Keith Flints Honours Of War rulebook and Kronoskaf. here

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

It's DBA Jim, but not as we know it.

Many years ago I was a big fan of DBA, I built up several armies and played using 24 elements per side with some rule changes to facilitate the larger armies.

With my old first edition rulebook tatty and worn I decided to upgrade when the latest edition was published a couple of years ago. I didn't really get on with it however, I adapted it to squares to make it less fiddly here but still struggled to find any enthusiasm for it.

Today I had a bit of a brainwave and decided to draw up a new gridded board. I gave it big 100mm squares so that I could fit units inside and treat the grid square as the element base.

I could only fit 12 squares by 9 onto my 4x3 foot board but it is enough to deploy and manoeuvre 12 element armies like so...

 Gauls on the left and Camillan Romans on the right.
 The rules.
 I gridded the board with small brown crosses to make the grid less obvious.
  View from the Roman lines.
 Some of the hairy Gauls.
The battle gets underway.
And the infantry come to blows quickly due to the shallow board.
The warbands in the second row count as support for the first row.
 A bit of a scrap on the flank. The Roman Generals element was destroyed soon after with a 6-1 roll.
 Some of the Gauls breakthrough while the others get pushed back.
It's down to the Triarii. Who repel the warriors smartly.
But the Hastati and Princeps break and the battle is lost for the Romans.

Not bad, I will play some more of this. I can also use the gridded board to play Hordes of the things without rebasing anything as long as I can fit them in the square.

I may invest in Simon Millers To the Strongest rules which would suit the grid and my collection.

I wonder what else I could use this board for, any ideas are very welcome.