Sunday, 2 July 2017

Commands and Colors Marlborough

I've been playing a lot of Commands and Colors lately, Ancients and Napoleonics but today I dug out some very old 6mm Marlburians and had a couple of games.

I modified the Napoleonic rules a little and these photos show the end of the second battle.

 This battle was a long struggle over the fordable river, the Franco-Bavarians had the upperhand from the start.
 The French defended the position very well and were very successful with counterattacks.
 However the pendulum swung and the Allies slowly gained the advantage.
 A very weak Bavarian formation holds the church.
 A lot of units removed from the field.
 Marlborough led his cavalry reserve forward in a desperate attempt to win the battle and was winning 8-6 when he played this card.
He forced the Bavarian guns to retreat to the high ground and just managed to destroy them with his bonus attack. He won the game 9-6.

What an exciting game!, I was punching the air at the finish.

I don't recall ever having a duff game with Mr. Borgs creations and some of them have been very exciting indeed.

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